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A first for Central Coast’s Food Industry

By 20/02/2020March 6th, 2020No Comments

On Tuesday the 18th February 2020, the CEO’s of the region’s largest food manufacturers, met to discuss potential collaborations that would benefit both the industry and the region. This CEO’s forum was hosted by Sanitarium at their head office at Berkeley Vale.

“I have worked in the food sector for over 30 years, and I believe that this is a first for our region  to have all the CEO’s of our largest food companies come together to lead the charge for stronger collaboration throughout the sector. This sort of thing doesn’t happen readily and I am  excited to see where it leads” said Frank Sammut, Executive Officer of Central Coast Industry Connect (CCIC).

The Central Coast Food Alliance (CCFA) has created a great foundation off the back of a strong 2019 and saw an opportunity to continue this momentum into 2020 by initiating this industry CEO forum. “Whilst the larger portion and backbone of the food industry is small business, it is important to recognise that the region has some of the country’s largest food manufacturer’s head offices located here, and it is vital to have their commitment and collaboration to see continued growth as a sector “said Dan Farmer, General Manager of the Central Coast Food Alliance.

The event was conducted over breakfast and through a round of introductions the desire for collaboration was apparent. Companies represented were Sanitarium, Cordina Group, Mars Food Australia, Agrana Fruit Australia, Life Health Foods and TrendPac, Business and operational challenges were discussed openly with many areas of opportunity quickly identified.

The role for CCFA will be in facilitating collaboration and delivering programs of change , something that was well received by the forum. “Being that this was a first for the local sector, we wanted this meeting to be all about the industry leaders to get to know each other and build trust. I was really impressed to see such strong commitment from the CEO participants to future forums such as this, and it was very clear that they valued the connection, the thought leadership, and the enhanced opportunity to make a difference” said Peter Crane, Chair of the Central Coast Food Alliance.

The next meeting will be held in April

Central Coast Food Alliance (CCFA) is a cluster facilitated and run by Central Coast Industry Connect Ltd, a not for profit organisation that supports manufacturing and related industries to drive industry growth, economic development and job creation. It does this by bringing together Government, Industry and Research, and Education providers to drive best industry practice and Technology, Collaboration and Innovation


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