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TrendPac celebrates 20 years supplying Aldi Supermarkets

Central Coast business TrendPac, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year supplying ALDI stores.  The Berkeley Vale business started with Aldi soon after they established a presence in Australia and now the German supermarket chain has grown to account for about 50 per cent of the TrendPac business.

TrendPac makes a range of cleaning products for Aldi and supply’s these nationally to the supermarket chain. The two organisations work in partnership to deliver exceptional products. The growth of Aldi has fuelled TrendPac’s growth. The relationship with them is an “ideal partnership” that is continually evolving.

TrendPac’s has a number of its Aldi pack products winning “the cleaning” category in ALDI’s customer awards program. A great testament to  TrendPac’s research and development team of 14 staff, that  continually look to improve existing products and develop new ones. Innovation is key to the relationship.

TrendPac is a family-owned Australian manufacturer established in 1963 offering a full range of manufacturing, packaging and product development services in the areas of personal care, household cleaning, pet care and industrial cleaning products. The business moved on from its very first factory located in Manly Vale to a factory in French’s Forest built by

TrendPac in 1982.  They operated in this building until moving to the Central Coast in 2003 relocating to the old Proctor and Gamble site at Berkley Vale.

Today the business is managed by Chief Executive officer Wayne Dicks having taken the reigns of running the business from Steven Hyde one of the family owners of the business. It has a focus on home care, personal care and manufacturing the packaging their products come in.

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