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“Where you start isn’t necessarily where you end up”

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St Edward’s College celebrated National Careers week from 16 May to 20 May running activities across years 7 to 12. Their theme “Where you start isn’t necessarily where you end up”.

Juliana Dignam, Leader of Learning for Careers/Vocational Education & Training said “The purpose of the week was to reinforce to students that career pathways are no longer linear but more squiggly, full of possibilities and theirs for the making.  We also wanted to bridge the gap between students, teachers, and industry, making connections for future programs and employers easier and it was the perfect opportunity for parents to have career conversations with their child”.

With over 34 presenters from industries across the Central Coast, presenters, face to face or virtually, shared their own personal career journey, including their current role/industry and tips for career decision making.  It was impactful and engaging for both Teachers and students.

“Miss that presenter was REALLY good, and all the students were REALLY listening” Finn Year 10.

“I liked how hands on the presentation was, we really saw what it was like to be a real cop. I found it interesting what they talked about, like some of the dangers of the job but also about all the people they help” Will year 7.

73 classes and over 1200 students across the week engaged in activities that included sitting in a Police highway patrol car, to how to pitch yourself in 60 seconds to an employer. Students learnt about careers in Cyber Security, Food Industry, Manufacturing, Engineering, Law, Accounting, Police Force, Cabinet & Furniture Making, Construction, Local Council, STEM, Financial Advising, Music, Sound Recording/Engineering and Sport.  They also learnt about apprenticeships and traineeships, Tax File Numbers, Superannuation, how to be an entrepreneur and identifying their strengths, values, and skills to help them achieve their goals.

“Having such an incredibly broad range of employers and experts from a range of industries engage with our students and offer interesting insights into the nature of work was so valuable. I loved the Social Media content creation course offered by Stephanie Aceglav because it was relevant to the subjects our students are studying, hands-on and applicable to the world they inhabit. It is so important for the students to form professional industry connections, and this was a great way for them to do it!”  Josephine, Music/Drama Teacher.

“The presentation from PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) opened my eyes to the opportunity that current Year 12 students have as a real option beyond school. We often hear about how hard or competitive markets are for schools’ students, but this program will allow students to showcase their skills and talents in their chosen area to get a start in Industry. I think it will attract several boys here at St Edwards into their IT programs”. Matt, Leader of Learning – Information Technology.

St Edward’s would like to thank and acknowledge the following industry partners; Regional Industry Education Partnerships, Australian Cabinet & Furniture Association, Borg, Central Coast Group Training, Central Coast Council, Central Coast Industry Connect Ltd, Crossmuller, Cyber Security Association, Newcastle Engineering Association, Grove Studios, Herbie Spices, Marshmallows Co., McDonalds, MSD Law, TAFE NSW, North Construction, Saphi Engineering, Siage Accounting & Financial Services, Behind the Scenes, State Training Services, Central Coast Industry Hub, University of Newcastle, Australian College of Physical Education, STEM Magazine, Skills Road, Resolve Consulting, Australian Taxation Office, Media for Millennials and PWC.

“St Edwards are providing some wonderful opportunities for students and teachers that exposes them to career opportunities in local Industries with skills shortages” Michael, Central Coast Industry Hub.

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