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Workshop – Powerful Brand Strategy

On Tuesday 9 May, 2022, Central Coast Industry Connect held a workshop on how to build a powerful brand strategy that drives business growth, facilitated by Barbara Ketley, CEO of marketing agency, Milestone-Belanova.

The workshop was attended by business owners and managers across a diverse range of sectors including manufacturing, food, services, technology, healthcare and hospitality.

Barbara shared research on how building a strong brand and operating with a purpose beyond profit drives business growth and leads to increased market share. She explained the key elements of building an effective brand and led attendees through a step-by-step process of defining the essence or DNA of their own brand.

Scott Purcell one of the club managers from the Doylo, one of the Central Coast’s largest clubs, described the workshop as ‘refreshing and interactive’, saying, “this event established the importance in developing brand essence, was clarity and consistency”

This workshop was jointly funded by the Commonwealth and New South Wales Government under their Disaster Recovery funding arrangements.

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