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Central Coast Industry Connect – Well-Being Cluster

Zoom call featuring the members of the Well Being Cluster

Last year, Central Coast Industry Connect ran a very successful mental health awareness project called ‘Better for Business Central Coast.’ Due to the success of this project, we are extending  this work and are establishing a  ‘Well-Being Cluster.’ This has been made possible  thanks to funding from the Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments under their Disaster Recovery funding arrangements.

We are currently looking for volunteers  to join an already established small group of  businesses to be part of the Well Being Cluster. Being part of this inaugural group will allow you to help shape the cluster in its initial stages and provide you the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge to collaborate with other Central Coast businesses in managing mental health in the workplace.

Last years ‘Better for Business Central Coast’ project saw the businesses and employees of participants benefit in several areas, including higher productivity, staff retention, decreased errors, higher physical safety, higher levels of trust and improved staff relationships. Participants in this years Well-Being Cluster can expect to see improvement in all these areas as a result of the enhanced employee well-being, networking and collaboration opportunities and knowledge and skill development that the project provides.

This year the Well Being Cluster will be run as a series of workshops, led by various experts and leading practitioners on different approaches and tools to promote well-being in the workplace. The aim of these workshops is to facilitate peer-to-peer engagement and provide practical and clear guidance for SMEs to understand and implement mental health management strategies.

The first workshop of the Well-Being Cluster will be held in July and will focus on implementing safe work practices and WHS requirements to aid well-being in the workplace. This can be a complex and challenging area to navigate, especially for SMEs with limited resources. However, it is essential to have well established safe work practices in place to build an environment that promotes well-being for employees. Therefore, it is a valuable topic to begin with.

By leveraging the power of industry collaboration, knowledge sharing, and expert guidance, the CCIC Well-Being Cluster will work to support CCIC members in creating positive and nurturing work environments that foster success, well-being, and sustainable growth for the Central Coast Business community.

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