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Who we are

Central Coast Industry Connect Limited  is a not for profit organisation based on the NSW Central Coast that helps manufacturers discover opportunities through building relationships and facilitating collaboration.

Our vision is for a vibrant, connected and innovative manufacturing sector that provides sustained employment and sector growth now and, into the future, for our community.

We will use our deep experience, connections and sector knowledge to advocate on behalf of industry, to identify opportunities, build a trusted network and unlock possibilities for the sector in People (Skills), Products and Markets

We will focus on specialisations in Advanced Manufacturing, Food and Beverage production and the Circular economy with our goal to make the Central Coast a Centre of Innovation Excellence across these areas.




Frank Sammut – Executive Officer and Director

Alex Blow–  Manager – Central Coast Food Alliance

Amy Scurr Smith – Administration and Event Management

Central Coast Manufacturing Innovation Food Hub Staff

Kathryn Taylor – Research and Development Technologist

Olivia Duffin  – Research and Development Technologist

Mike Wilson Engineering Manager

Nathan Scott Training and Development Manager



  • Strategy Session 15th January @7.30am 
  • 14th March  @4.00 pm
  • 30th May  @4.00 pm
  • 8th August @4.00pm
  • 31st October@4.00pm
  • AGM – 28th November @4.00pm


Our Objectives

Promote and grow the contribution of Manufacturing and other value adding industries on the NSW Central Coast.

Develop projects that drive collaboration and industry best practice around our specialisations in Advanced Manufacturing, Food and Beverage production and the Circular Economy.

Deliver meaningful networking events that address the needs of the sector as identified in our biannual surveys.

Facilitate Research, Government and Industry connections.e. “Triple Helix approach”

Operate in a transparent and accountable manner in accordance with our governance procedures and member expectations.

Develop local education pathways and partnerships that generate awareness of job opportunities and career paths in the Manufacturing industry- All sectors.