Who we are

Central Coast Industry Connect Limited  is a not for profit organisation based on the NSW Central Coast that helps manufacturers discover opportunities through building relationships and facilitating collaboration.

Our vision is for a vibrant, connected and innovative manufacturing sector that provides sustained employment and sector growth now and, into the future, for our community.

We will use our deep experience, connections and sector knowledge to advocate on behalf of industry, to identify opportunities, build a trusted network and unlock possibilities for the sector in People (Skills), Products and Markets

We will focus on specialisations in Advanced Manufacturing, Food and Beverage production and the Circular economy with our goal to make the Central Coast a Centre of Innovation Excellence across these areas.




Frank Sammut – Executive Officer and Director

Alex Blow–  Manager – Central Coast Food Alliance



Our Initiatives for 2021

To maintain, grow and promote the contribution of manufacturing and other value adding industries on the NSW Central Coast.

a. Identify external industry forums or trade shows to represent CCIC to extend the reach of Central Coast Industry.
b. Develop an industry capability database.
c. Identify emerging industry growth sectors that align with CCIC’s strategic direction.
d. Develop a Marcomms plan.

To develop projects that drive collaboration and industry best practice.

a. Establish Industry lead clusters in Food and Beverage Industry, Sustainability and Continuous Improvement.
b. Host and support local industry capability building workshops and events.
c. Identify innovative companies and showcase at events website and newsletter.
d. Foster and grow the Central Coast Innovation Leaders group to become models for other leaders in the region.

To develop local education pathways and partnerships that generates industry job placements.

a. Establish a working relationship with Tafe and UON that support industry projects, provide industry exposure through events and mentorship for identified disciplines.
b. Take part in the annual UON/TAFE open days and the Annual Tafe TryaSkill event.
c. Look at a suitable Industry program that engages with School students and promotes STEM.

To promote the importance and relevance of member organisations to the CCIC framework and the value of their contribution to the region.

a. Educate Central Coast industry about the business support services available through the member organisations and the positive contributions these organisations make to industry in the region.
b. Allow member organisations the opportunity to promote their organisations at CCIC events.
c. Where possible run co branded events to reinforce the collaborative relationships.

To strengthen the financial sustainability of CCIC.

a. Strengthen financial sponsorship arrangements by delivering tangible value to partners and by encouraging them to be part of CCIC’s success.
b. Promote the positive outcomes of CCIC projects so sponsors can leverage the benefits of supporting these activities.
c. Proactively seek funding from all levels of government.
d. Develop a report card on achievements.

To operate in a transparent and accountable manner.

a. Ensure accounts are maintained and audited to the relevant accounting and legal standards.
b. Hold a Annual General meeting focused on CCIC activities.
c. To set and report against agreed KPI’s.
d. Develop policies that allow easy integration of other potential industry sectors to sit under the CCIC umbrella.