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The Central Coast Logistics Forum, which was formed at the group first meeting in May 2016, provides an opportunity for logistics managers, providers, manufacturers and like-minded people in associated industries to share the local logistics challenges confronting their businesses.

An Initiative driven by Forsythes Recruitment(Now Rarekind) in collaboration with CCIC, the forum aims to find practical solutions to these challenges through the group collective experience, exposing it to subject matter experts, government and industry support and looking at collaborative opportunities.

Upcoming event –

9th November 2023

You’re invited to the 4id Solutions facility, where their team will showcase the future of contactless technologies and how the supply chain and logistics field can benefit.

At this event, you will have the opportunity to engage and gain insights into the latest in cutting-edge contactless technologies such as RFID, sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy and Morse Long Range Communication, demonstrated by the 4id Solutions team.

These advanced solutions are enabling organizations to navigate complex regulatory environments, optimize operational processes, and deliver unparalleled precision in their products and services. They also ensure that businesses can adapt swiftly to changing requirements, establishing a new standard of excellence in today’s competitive world.

In addition to hearing from the 4id Solutions team you will also hear from  Simon Blythe, LX Group Sydney, Chairman. Simon will speak on “AI and its effect on our future” (LX Group creates next generation product development for a better world, LX Group is a full stack in-house multi award-winning product design house providing hardware, firmware, cloud and App development services).

Simon will be followed by Professor Neil Weste. Neil is an Australian inventor and engineer, noted for having designed a 2-chip wireless LAN implementation and for authoring the textbook Principles of CMOS VLSI Design. He has worked in many aspects of integrated-circuit design and was a co-founder of Radiata Communications. Neil joined Morse Micro as VP of Engineering in 2016. Based in Sydney, the company is building a new long-range, high-speed, low-energy Wi-Fi, based on 802.11ah chips.

A bit about 4id Solutions

4id Solutions specialises in the design and manufacture of smart labels, tags and wristbands incorporating various forms of contactless technologies.

Through an array of proprietary solutions and unparalleled production efficiencies, 4id presents innovations that transcend the realm of current industry thinking.

A light breakfast will be provided.

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