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CI Cluster Formation

Central Coast Manufacturing Connect (CCMC) ran a workshop on the principles of Lean and Lean Clustering on the 28thJuly 2016 at Mingara Recreational Centre.

Through Trish Wilson, the facilitator for the day, the workshop was managed in two parts. The morning session harnessed the 45 strong, groups experience in continuous improvement. We had people with little to no experience to those who had over 25 years experience.

Very early in the workshop the group decided to use the term Continuous Improvement(CI) and through a number of interactive sessions the group covered the topics of why do CI, CI principles and tools and methodologies. Each session provided a long list of answers highlighting the experiences of each organisation and how they adapted CI to their needs. The overwhelming response as to why do CI was to remain competitive through the reduction of waste, improved efficiency and providing products to customers on time, in full and to specification.

In response to the other topics of CI principles and Tools and methodologies the lists of responses were lengthy. You can see what was said by clicking on the links at the end of this article.

The afternoon session was conducted with a much smaller group representing those that were interested in forming an ongoing cluster to share experiences and knowledge. Seven organisations committed to this, together with two government representatives and an external resource.Some initial ground rules of operation and attendance were established and the group will be facilitated by CCMC.

The group™s first meeting was held on the 2nd September where the format of meetings and rules were established. The groups first formal site visit was  held on the 5th November 2016.

CI Cluster meeting and event dates 2020

14th February

Global trends In Manufacturing


CI Cluster Meeting reports


 Meeting report

21st February 2019 Chamberlain Site visit

Video 37 minutes

24th February 2107

First CI cluster meeting for 2017 Sanitarium


1st March 2017 -Lean Study Tour Melbourne with CCIC

 Visit to Melbourne with CICE

8th September – Final meeting for 2017

 Cluster meeting McCain/Saralee

5th November 2016 – Inaugural meeting of the CI Cluster

 Archer hosts inaugural CI meeting  for Central Coast CI Cluster


Would you like to join the Central Coast Lean Cluster?

To be part of the cluster you need to commit to wanting to learn and share your experiences in the Continuous Improvement Journey. To find out more about this group and to join please click on the following:

Join the Central Coast Lean Cluster here