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Central Coast industry Connect Limited (CCIC) is a not for profit organisation and has up to recently not been a membership organisation. The CCIC board decided in early 2019 that it was time to move to a membership model that would engage and commit industry participants to a program focused on Industry development through collaboration, innovation and operational excellence.

CCIC and its clusters has established a membership model based on a value proposition that is focused on industry needs. The main principal behind the membership model is that members recognize that benefits can be derived through collaboration at the enterprise level and these benefits transcend into the broader community.



The following sets out the benefits that the cluster seeks to bring to its’ members. It also outlines criteria that need to be met by members.

2.2  Membership benefits

CCIC  seeks to provide the following benefits to its members-:

  • Grow and develop the talent pool to support existing and new business.
  • Shape the expansion of the industry in the region (e.g. supporting start-ups, expand existing businesses, enticing new businesses into the region).
  • Contribute to the social, economic and environmental impact on the Central Coast region.
  • Create clear identity for the Central Coast, based on Food, Beverage, Agriculture and Advanced manufacturing capability, show casing its abilities and strengths.
  • Collaborate to develop unique product offerings and services and to share learnings to benefit one another.
  • Generate cost benefit opportunities by leveraging the group’s collective knowledge, buying power and access to government and non-government programs.

Members of the Central Coast Industry Connect and its clusters will have the opportunity to have their logo and a link to their website included on the Central Coast Industry Connect web page


Membership fees are payable for each financial year and are due at the anniversary of their joining.


A register of members will be kept and maintained by the administration of the Central Coast Industry Connect . The register will include the following information-:

  1. The name and address of each member, including key contact person
  2. The date on which each member’s name was entered on the register.
  • General information pertaining to the business.


A member of the Central Coast Industry connect who has paid all monies due and payable by a member of the cluster may resign from the cluster by giving one month’s notice in writing to the Executive Officer of the intention to resign. No membership levies or fees will be refunded.


This policy will apply to all members of the Central Coast Industry Connect.


The policy will be reviewed annually by the Board; prior to an annual general meeting.


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