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Central Coast Industry Connect believes in the engagement of all levels of Education with industry. Currently discussions are taking place with the University of Newcastle Business school and Environment and Life sciences to be able to connect Industry and the University more effectively and to provide mutual benefits to all parties.

Together with the Office of Regional Development and Regional Development Australia Central Coast , CCIC is working collaboratively  to develop a partnership with Primary and secondary schools in the region. The partnership is currently developing a program to be able to roll out in the near future.

In the meantime CCIC is a supporter of IBM’s P Tech Program. Read more about this below.


An innovative partnership is helping Wyong High School students secure future employment in the local food science industry by giving them relevant skills and experience. The school is one of 14 pilot sites across Australia – and the only one on the Central Coast – to kick-start the federal government’s Pathways in Technology (P-TECH) partnership program which establishes long-term relationships between industry, schools and tertiary education providers. Wyong High School has introduced a P-TECH program that enables students to achieve skills and qualifications in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

In 2015 the Skilling Australia Foundation was appointed by the Australian Federal Government to introduce the P-TECH (Pathways-In-Technology) secondary school STEM learning programs in Geelong and Ballarat. The Government has since expanded P-TECH model to 14 pilot sites.

The Australian Government has invested $5.1 million to pilot the P-TECH model in Australia.



CCIC is providing a gateway to connect local businesses with tertiary students through local higher education providers, so that businesses benefit from their expertise and students gain valuable workplace experience.

Tertiary students, depending on their course, require work experience either through Internships, Work Integrated Learning or professional placement programs. Engaging in these programs provides the opportunity to

  • Access temporary talent for a specific workplace projects,
  • Bring new skills to the organisation.
  • Provide a different perspective and different ideas to your business
  • Become a potential pool of future full time and part time employees.
  • Builds a link to our local educational institutions.

Students can bring a number of benefits to your organisation including access to the latest ideas, practices and technologies and support for short or longer-term projects

Broad range of study areas can be catered for and placement is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is low-risk way to assess future employees.

If you are interested in placing a student in your organisation you can complete the form below. Any further queries can be made to Frank Sammut 0411186634.

Register your interest for a student here