Central Coast Industry Connect (CCIC) works with a range of industry sectors, government at all levels and service providers to bring about environmental sustainable practices in manufacturing, construction and other local industries.

CCIC has partnered with the Office of Environment and Heritage to establish the cluster.

Cluster Information

The Central Coast Sustainability Cluster (CCSC) is a group led by Central Coast-based members of the Sustainability Advantage program, that works together to foster collaboration and improve region-wide best practice approaches to sustainability and environmental aspects and impacts across the region. It is widely understood by the group that collaboration and cooperation on economic, social and environmental aspects is important and needed for the Central Coast region, and as a cluster of businesses we can accelerate these economic, social and environmental improvements for the communities we operate.


  • Share sustainability best practice approaches around the region, including hearing from external experts, sharing case studies and experiences of members, knowledge and idea sharing.
  • Facilitate networking among sustainability professionals and sustainability-minded professionals in the region.
  • Collaboration for common needs and issues, which can include projects, funding, training, region-specific tools, campaigns.
  • Provide economic, social and environmental benefit to the communities on the Central Coast in which we operate.






The Central Coast Sustainability Cluster meets every two months to update the network on projects and to discuss future opportunities. Attendance to the cluster is by invitation only.

  • 9th February
  • 11th April
  • 14th June
  • 9th August
  • 19th October
  • 6th December


In order to manage our waste and get the best possible environmental, community and financial outcome we are collecting information on what industrial and commercial waste, industry and business are generating.The aim is to collect this data to ascertain whether the best use is being made of it, whether its recycled, upcycled, reprocessed or onsold.

The information will be assessed by our cluster to find the best use for it. Click on the link below to register your valuable resource.

Start Survey here


  • Value add Fruit Waste .
  • Demolition timber to Furniture.